• Megan Kate

Top 5 Cheap Eats In Cardiff | Budget Food Guide

Updated: Jan 3

Photo of Cardiff Royal Arcade

For me, Cardiff is the perfect mix between a historical old town and a cosmopolitan city centre. Whether you want to explore castles and botanical gardens, or spend your time shopping in the old arcades and drinking cocktails, the Welsh capital has something to offer for everyone. When it comes to food Cardiff doesn't disappoint; you'll find a whole load of great choices no matter your budget, and they have a great variation of cuisines to choose from too.

We had some great meals during our recent trip, but 5 local places really stood out as the best of the best, so I'm going to tell you all about them:

Greazy Vegan

Average meal price: £7. If plant based junk food is your thing, then this place is heaven. Perfect for a naughty treat or to cure a hangover, Greazy Vegan offers everything you could want; from classics like burgers, chicken wings and hot dogs to sweet treats like pancakes or ice cream. The food here is some of the best around, whether you're vegan or not, so make sure you pop over to their location in the Castle Quarter Arcades to give them a try for size.


Average meal price: £10. A classic Neapolitan menu served with home brewed ales? What more could you want! This incredible Italian restaurant also doubles up as a microbrewery, giving you the best mix of food and booze possible. Whether you want classic pizza and pasta, or fresh seafood from their special menu, everything on offer here is delicious and far cheaper than you'd think from the look of the place. They have vegan and vegetarian options available, as well as a mix of fish and meat for those of you who love it!

The New York Deli

Average meal price: £6. When searching for the best cheap eats in Cardiff, this place is sure to be included on pretty much every list, and it's no surprise why! This gorgeous little cafe serves a huge range of deli food from bagels and sandwiches to hoagies and hot dogs, all with new and innovative filling combinations. The portions are huge, especially considering some of the choices come in at less than a fiver, and they have a huge vegan and vegetarian menu to sit alongside their standard meat and fish options.

Bar 44 Tapas

Average Price for 3 dishes: £16. Okay so this is a slightly more expensive option but the atmosphere in the restaurant, combined with how much of a treat tapas dining can feel like, makes this the perfect option for a date night or nice evening meal without breaking the bank. They have a full vegan menu that includes wines and desserts, and the restaurant is rated amongst the best in Cardiff on TripAdvisor. If you're looking for a slightly more upmarket venue or maybe a treat for your last night in town, I highly recommend giving this place a go!

The Naked Vegan

Baked goods starting at £1. Is it really a food post if it doesn't include dessert? This gorgeous stall is tucked away inside the infamous Cardiff Central Market, and they honestly create the richest and sweetest treats you'll ever taste. From doughnuts to cakes to cookies and everything in between, there's something on offer for everyone and every recipe is 100% plant based, how great is that?! I guarantee you will love their selection whether you're vegan or not, and they even offer a wedding cake service for anyone on the hunt for a plant based option for their big day.

And there we have it, 5 of the best local restaurants to try in Cardiff on a budget. Do you like the sound of any of them? Let me know! A full post on all things Cardiff is coming soon, and for now make sure you follow me on Instagram to see my upcoming adventures in real time. Meg x