• Megan Kate

How To Save Money For Travel Without Even Realising | Money Saving Hack

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Saving for travel can be a real grind, especially if it's a big and expensive trip that you want. Yes, it's worth it, but when you're having to save every penny for months or even years before hand it can feel like a real struggle, and it's easy to lose sight of the reward at the end. There's a great list of tips on how to get started with saving that seems to have been regurgitated by every travel blogger in existence: stop buying takeaway coffee, make packed lunches, drink less, buy less clothes etc, and they're amazing as initial inspiration, but if you're already doing all of these things it can feel like there is truly nothing else you can do to help rack up the £££- but that's where you're wrong!

If you want a painless way to save that extra little bit of money:

You need to set up bank transaction round-ups!

Most banks have a round-up option these days including big players such as Santander, Halifax or Monzo, and it require's no set up other than a quick settings change. Basically, every time you spend on your card, it will round the transaction up to the nearest pound/ dollar etc and put the change into a separate pot for you. For example say your supermarket shop costs you £57.21, it will simply show on your card as £58 and move the remaining 79p into your round up pot. I can promise you you won't even notice the extra few pennies here and there, as chances are you round it up in your head anyway.

Now you may think saving pennies is... unhelpful, to say the least, as trips cost hundreds if not thousands of pounds, but believe me the pennies start to add up quicker than you'd think. The average person nips to the supermarket at least twice a week, you may pay for public transport or car fuel, then there's general weekend spending, taxis, online orders and birthday presents. No matter how hard you are saving, there will always be general life things that you need to purchase, it costs to live, but this way each transaction will add to your savings! Even better is that your pots are completely separate to your main bank accounts, so they won't even cross your mind; I once forgot about mine for a few months and then found over £100 in there- it paid for my flights to Morocco!

I don't have much more to say about it other than 'just do it!' as Shia LaBeouf once said. Think of this as a PSA, I know it's something I wish I'd known of years ago when I first started saving and I promise you won't regret it. You can thank me later!

Meg x