• Megan Kate

January Travel Sales, A Quick Round Up.

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

The buzz of Christmas has finally lifted and so it's time once again to combat the January blues- doesn't half come around quick does it?! The New Year is a great time to start fresh and look forward to the future, but let's be honest it's mostly just trying to crawl along to payday and detox off all the booze we drank in December- it can feel a little miserable.

My greatest tip would be to book something for IN January to help make the month a little more exciting, but it's a bit late for that now. We've just had Sunshine Saturday, the first Saturday in the year that sees a surge of people booking their next getaway in an attempt to get out of the slump. That can only mean one thing, the ACTUAL bargains are now available. Whether you want a super cheap getaway for the winter/ spring months or a discounted summer break- now is a great time to get something sorted.

As always, the best way to get cheap deals is to be as flexible as possible. *photograph not my own

Browsing through all of the various websites and deals can be a little soul destroying, but I'm one of those crazy people that actually enjoys spending hours searching for deals so I've done the elbow work for you! I've sifted through all the noise to find what I would deem deals that are actually worth jumping on, and so I'm here to fill you in:

Tour companies:

Trek America: 20% off selected departure dates when you book before 13th January 2020. Browse Here.

Contiki: 15% off all Australia and New Zealand tours when you book before 30th January 2020. Browse Here.

Intrepid: 20% off ALL departures before 31st August 2020, when you book before 13th January 2020. Browse Here.

G Adventures: Up to 25% off sected tours when you book before 31st January 2020. Browse Here.

The Adventure People: Up to 50% off specific departure dates when you book before 31st January 2020. Browse Here.

STA: Up to 25% off adventure tours and camper vans until 31st January 2020. Browse Here.


British Airways: huge sale on USA/ Canada flights when you book before 30th January including:

London - NYC for £260 return

London - Las Vegas for 282 return

Club Europe business class flights now from £150 return.

Search all USA flights here.

Browse Club Europe here.

Virgin Atlantic: huge reductions on flights to the USA & Caribbean including:

London - San Francisco for £279 return in January 2020

London - Orlando for £254 return in March 2020

London - Barbados for £410 return in June 2020

Plus an extra 10% off on top of sale price with Virgin Holidays when you book before 7th January 2020.

Browse all deals here.

Norwegian Airlines: huge discounts from London Gatwick when you book before 13th January 2020 including:

Barcelona: £60 return

Gran Canaria: £100 return

New York: £230 return

Rio: £350 return

Browse all deals here.

TUI: use the code SALE to save on all departures between 1st May 2020 - 31st October 2020, discounts are:

Save £100 when you spend £750

Save £150 when you spend £2000

Save £200 when you spend £3000

Sale ends January 31st 2020, browse here.

easyJet: Book before January 30th for huge reductions on most flights between 30th January 2020 - 2nd July 2020 including:

Manchester - Mallorca return for £40

Manchester - Amsterdam return for £33

Manchester - Geneva return for £26.50

Browse their full list of sale destinations here.

STA: Now offering multiple deals in conjunction with various flight companies when you book before 31st January 2020 including:

London - Sydney return in May 2020 for £525

London - Bangkok return in April 2020 for £329 (including the dates of Songkran water festival which is incredible)

Browse all deals here. They also have Emirates and Etihad deals not currently listed direct with the airline.

Skyscanner have a full list of January flight deals from a variety of different UK airports which you can find here

Error flight companies are still on the ball this month to help you bag a bargain, my favourites being Jack's Flight Club, Secret Flying, Scott's Cheap Flights and Holiday Pirates. Sign up to their newsletters for cheap flight notifications with no effort required.

Ryanair's sale is already over but there's loads of £9.99 flights out of UK airports on their Cheap Fare Finder website, so check that out here if you want a bargain European break.

As always when finding a flight you think is cheap, please check the same flight across Skyscanner, Kayak, Google Flights, Momondo and direct through the airline as sometimes deals aren't mentioned across every website.

Accomodation & Package Deals:

Mr & Mrs Smith: 30% off pretty much every luxury escape from Tuscany to Thailand until 2nd February 2020. Browse deals here.

British Airways: Huge sale on flight + hotel packages when you book before 30th January 2020 including:

7 nights in St. Lucia + Return Flights from £579

2 nights in multiple European destinations + Return Flights from £99

3 nights in Dubai + return flights from £365

Browse all deals here.

Hotels.com: Deals on multiple locations, and there's often voucher codes floating around the internet. Browse their full list of deals here.

Nomador: This is a new discovery for me but it's perfect if you want to get away without breaking the bank. It's completely free accommodation. Yes, you're reading that right, it's COMPLETELY FREE! Nomador is a house sitting/ pet sitting website where you can stay in a person's hours for free while they're on holiday, you're just there to look after their home and or/ pet while they're away. Now I know this won't be for everyone but it is particularly good for any animal lovers, and could be something fun to try at least once! Have a look if it's up your street here.

And that's about it from me! There's a few really great deals floating about at the moment especially to further afield, so maybe even take the leap and go for somewhere miles away. Why not? We've got to make January fun SOMEHOW. Let me know if you find any great deals yourself, or end up booking something lovely! Meg x