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The Moulin Rouge: Tourist Trap or Worth Your Wages? | Travel Review

If you're new here, let me introduce you to one of my favourite segments of Meg's Gap Life: "Tourist Trap or Worth Your Wages?". In this segment I give a quick, basic review of a famous tourist attraction that I probably paid a lot more to see than I normally would (I'm more of a 'free things to do' kind of gal usually), letting you know whether I thought it was worth the hype, and most importantly worth the price, once I got there.

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Name: Moulin Rouge

Address: 82 Boulevard de Clichy, 75018 Paris, France

Price: Starting from 88 EUR (Around £79) for the late show or 200 EUR (Around £180) for the 7pm show.

Booked through: The 'Reservations' section of their website here. Pre-booking is mandatory, you cannot buy on the door!

Verdict: Worth Your Wages!

Details: This famous cabaret show (that inspired the film of the same name) is something that I think everyone should see, purely because it's the single most.... unique... thing I've ever seen. The whole experience is completely mental, and absolutely everything you would want it to be if you're a fan of the movie. You receive a bottle of champagne on arrival and then get escorted to your seat before the show begins, and obviously because of the nature of the show there's no cameras allowed inside.

As you can imagine, the main act is the cabaret dancers: a huge group of beautiful and talented (and topless) show girls. In between the dance numbers, there is a whole host of crazy circus-like performances that you may be met with, depending on which night you go. From strong men, to fire breathers, to underwater dancing with snakes, whatever you're met with is sure to blow your mind. A couple of songs from the film play throughout the show too, including my favourite: El Tango De Roxanne!

I'm not going to lie, when I came out of the show genuinely thought "that's what being on psychedelics must be like" ; I couldn't wrap my head around it. I recommended the show to a friend when she went to Paris too, and she said the same thing. It's honestly indescribably crazy, but in the best way possible. If you get the chance, please please go and see for yourself.

Top Tips: -Go to the 11pm show. The late night show is half the price of the dinner shows, and it gives you a chance to visit some of the famous nightlife on Boulevard de Clichy before you go.

-Don't take cameras They're not allowed and your bags ARE checked. Camera phones are fine because basically everyone has one, but try not to have it out too much during the show.

-Underdressed is best. Considering how expensive the show is, we thought people would be all dressed up for it, but dressed up in Paris is a cool pair of jeans or trousers and heels. No need to try and squeeze your best dress into your hand luggage!

-The lower age limit is 6 although I wouldn't recommend taking kids unless you really have to. The whole night is quite adult themed and although there were a few kids/ young teens there when we were, they just seemed quite uncomfortable though out the whole show. I suppose it depends on the child!

And that's it! See I told you it would be quick. What do you think, are the Moulin Rouge is something you can see yourself spending some extra money on? If you've been already I'd love to know whether you thought it was worth it or not!

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