• Megan Kate

The Dublin Sightseeing Pass You Need | Money Saving Hack

Updated: Jan 6

Today we're doing a recommendation in the form of a story time, as I feel like the context in which I found this little tip is both hilarious and necessary. (If you're here more for the bargain tip and less for my rambling then feel free to skip to the Dublin Pass section)

One fateful Saturday in the August of 2017, I went for a drink with my best friend. She'd been working the evening shift at a bar, and I'd been out to see (and drink with) a few friends, so we decided to meet up for a few last cocktails before splitting a taxi home. She was heading to America a fortnight later to study abroad for a year (you can read all about her experience here), and so we were feeling a little sad and nostalgic. After a few drinks we decided that no, this wasn't a quiet drink anymore, this was one last hurrah before we were separated for 12 months- can you tell we're codependent yet?

So a few hours pass by, at which point we're suitably bladdered, and we start reminiscing on all the fun travels we've had. London.. Paris.. Barcelona.. we travel really well together to be honest, we like the same things and like to take things at the same pace. We talked about how I was going to come and visit her after she'd finished her studies, adding the USA to our list too, and how we wish we'd done a quick trip before she left as a sort of goodbye. We were tempted by maybe taking a quick trip to a nearby city in England for the night or something like that, but then quickly realized that we were both on the verge of bankruptcy and she was literally leaving 12 days later. And so reminisce was all we did, that and drink lots more, and then it was time to head home.

The next morning was like any other Sunday. I got up and made some breakfast, chatted to Mum about last night's antics and then started my day. All was well and good... until I noticed an E-Mail... from Ryanair... confirming my purchase... for my trip to Dublin. At first I thought they'd sent it to the wrong person, but when I checked my bank statement there it was. Well I've been hacked, surely! There's no way I... and then the flashbacks came: Drinking, playing beer pong, drinking, chatting to some friends, drinking, drinking, booking flights, drinking, ordering pizza, all there and in that precise order.

Yep, we'd gotten so drunk that we'd booked flights to Dublin without even remembering. What's even more impressive is that I'd managed to fill in all of our information correctly, which I've decided is nothing short of a miracle. On top of that there was a follow up E-Mail telling me it was time to check in because yep, even better, we were leaving on Friday. Yes, Friday, as in 5 days from then. Wonderful.

After a small meltdown and a phone call to Bia we decided that SOD IT, this was practically FATE! We checked in, put the deposit down for our 3 nights in a hostel and then began looking into what we could do while there. Now here was the real problem, Dublin is known for being pretty damn expensive in basically all aspects of life: food, drink, tourism, the lot. And so this is where we come to my recommendation: The Dublin Pass.

Essentially what The Dublin Pass is, is an all inclusive pass for pretty much all attractions around the centre of Dublin (and believe me, there's a LOT you can do in this city). You pay a one off fee for the pass which then lets you skip the queue for all the included activities, and get in using the pre-bought ticket.

You can buy or read more about the pass on their website here.

So many things are included with it, even all the big sights. You can visit The Guiness Storehouse, Dublin Castle, Jameson Distillery, Croke Park Stadium, Dublinia Viking Musuem, Dublin Zoo, Skerries Mills, Aquazone Waterpark, The Botanical Gardens and SO many other things, as well as ride around on the Dublin Hop On- Hop Off bus. And beacuse you pay per day and not per activity, you can take everything at your own pace. Literally the only attraction we could find that wasn't included was The Book Of Kells which we just paid £11 for online and skipped the queue there, too.

Prices start from around £52 for a 1 day pass and then climb up to around £86 for a 5 day pass. If you bought a 3 day pass (£80) and visited even just the named attractions above, you'd save £50 already, let alone if you did any other things too.

This pass was honestly the only reason we were actually able to go on our trip, we would have been buggered otherwise. I was so glad I discovered it and so now I'm telling you about it too! Have you ever used a pass like this before? Let me know!

If you have any other questions at all, about the pass or how I managed to be such an idiot, then feel free to ask! Oh and as always, if you do visit Dublin soon, send photos! Meg x