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La Taberna, Leeds | Travel Recommendation

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

This is basically just a post of me lusting over a tortilla but I'm honestly fine with it.

A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend and I did an overnight trip to Leeds for date night. We watched Russel Howard, a gift for his birthday a few months before, and decided to make a weekend of it. We went out for tea and I just really need to gush about how amazing the place was so here we are!

We got all dressed up and booked a table somewhere close by (Tapas, as we've developed a real love for it ever since visiting Lisbon) and just hoped it it would be half decent, reasonably priced and fill us up nicely before the gig... And good lord it was some of the best food we've possibly ever eaten, with great veggie options too! I just had to dedicate a post to nothing but them, they deserve all of the recognition possible, just wait until I tell you how cheap it was too.

The restaurant was called La Taberna, you can book a table or view the menu through their website here.

They don't open until 5:30pm, but they do run a lunch time takeaway service from the same spot under the name Caracas Grill, although for my fellow veggies there don't seem to be any options for us (sigh).

La Taberna is a family run, authentic, one of a kind restaurant. Something to I really value in the wake of the chain restaurant take over. The family make and serve the food, the venue is honestly adorable and feels so friendly and welcoming, and the quiet and cosy atmosphere is perfect for a date night or to catch up with a friend. We loved everything: the service, the menu, the price, they didn't put a foot wrong throughout our whole visit.

The only other way I can convince you to PLEASE go here, is through the food, so let me tell you what we had and what we recommend the most:


The Rioja Vega, it was the cheapest on the menu and came in at less than £20. We split this, and got 2 huge glasses each out of it, which the amazing and attentive waiters kindly poured for us. This was honestly so tasty, and complimented the food so well (That felt like a very adult thing to say).


This was such a nice palette cleanser, consisting of 5 pieces of crusty bread and an amazing mix of tomato and garlic. Like a bruschetta but fresher, it was so so tasty and the perfect size to share.


We were advised by our waiter to select 3 or 4 dishes each, but as we'd had the starter we just went for 3 with a cheeky 1 to share. David went wild for the Chrizo in wine sauce, he says it may be the best thing he's ever eaten, but says I HAVE to recommend you save some bread from the starter to make the most of the left over sauce! The chicken skewers were HUGE, and some of the best chicken he's had, not an ounce of fat on it. He also loved the parcels but they may not be available as they were the daily special.

Top recommendation: Chorizo al Vino


The tortilla, damn, the TORTILLA was tastiest dish I've ever had, it was fluffy and light but still so filling, and the alioli was the perfect match for it. Mine was the one off the specials menu but they do have a permanent one that you can grab any time. The Frita were so tasty, cut like fries with batter and a cinnamon honey so they tasted like a mix of chips and churros. Honestly SO GOOD. I was so glad I only got peppers as my third dish as by this point I was so satisfied and on the verge of stuffed. We also got some Patatas Bravas to share which were SO TASTY. They tasted so fresh and the sauce was perfectly spicy.

Top recommendation: Tortilla del Dia

After all of this, we'd only been sat down for 45 minutes and were enjoying ourselves so much that we just thought 'sod it!' and ordered dessert. We had the chocolate cake and the churros and shared both. These were SO good, even if I did have to tap out half way through and let David devour the rest.

The 3 courses AND wine came to £65, so less than £35 each which I think is honestly insane considering how much food we had. We've made a pact to go here every time we're passing through, and we even had to convince ourselves not to order it on Deliveroo the next night haha.

I honestly can't recommend this place enough, please try it for yourself and see. Again, I know this is basically just a post of me lusting over a tortilla but I really am fine with it.

Anyway, I'm off to dream about food, until next time! Meg x


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