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Empire State Building: Tourist Trap or Worth Your Wages? | Travel Reviews

Navigating tourist attractions can be a hard one. Are they places that are famous for good reason, places you have to go and see for yourself? Or are they places that are overcrowded, over priced and not worth the energy. When I go on my travels I tend to do a nice mix of classics and hidden gems; I find that this gives me a nice balance between local and touristy experiences so it's an approach I would definitely recommend. However, even with extensive research and my fool-proof method, I've still visited places around the world that I've thought were either vastly over or underrated, and so my new blog segment is born: Tourist Trap or Worth your Wages?

In this segment I'm going to give a quick, basic review of a famous tourist attraction that I probably paid a lot more to see than I normally would (I'm the queen of doing all the free things a place has to offer), letting you know whether I thought it was worth the hype, and worth the price, once I got there. Hopefully this will be an easy point of reference for you in future, if you're ever wondering whether or not to bother with the touristy spots, and today we're starting off with the Empire State Building.

Name: The Empire State Building

Address: 20 W 34th St, New York

Price: $42

Booked through: The ESBNYC official website (here).

Verdict: Worth Your Wages!

Details: Considering my budget was $50 per day during my America trip, this was a really big splurge that I was so hoping would pay off- luckily it did! Seeing the city from such a great height was incredible, and there's so much info about how, when and why it was built, with some really surreal photographs too. It was an activity that always seemed impossible for us, as if it only existed in movies or on postcards, so to do it in real life was a real pinch-me experience and 100% worth the steep price tag.

Top Tips: -The outdoor viewing platform you'll have seen on Instagram/ in films is the 86th floor observatory, this is the floor that you will get to using the $42 ticket. Don't bother paying nearly double ($72) to go up to the 106th floor, you can't go outside up there!

- If you know you want to do it, pre book it in advance. I'm all for keeping things free and easy while on holiday, and only booking things in advance that I absolutely have to, but tickets do tend to sell out, and the ticket is for a 24 hour period anyway so you're not stuck to a specific time slot that you'll need to work around.

- If it's just a great view of the city that you're after, rather than visiting the Empire State Building itself, you can get some great experiences for slightly cheaper over at the Top Of The Rock observatory at Rockefeller Centre, or the One World Observatory at the World Trade Centre. Both of these viewing platforms are priced at $38 and offer great views of the Empire State Building itself.

What do you think? Is the Empire State Building something you think is worth a splash of cash? I'd love to hear your opinion on some of the more touristy options around the world. Stay tuned for some more recommendations similar to this one that will be arriving over the next couple of weeks, and make sure to follow my Instagram account to see my next adventures in real time.

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