• Megan Kate

Ryanair Cheap Fare Finder | Money Saving Hack

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

It's time for a mid week-PSA! European flights can fluctuate throughout the year from ridiculously cheap to way out of budget, but there are some tips and tricks you can use to try and keep your flight price as low as possible.

Ryanair is a well known airline that tends to operate on the cheaper side. It's a love-to-hate company for most people (as the service is below par, you're folded like a lawn chair in your seat and the hidden fees can be a joke sometimes), but it's just SO cheap that a lot of us just can't help but use them when we need to keep to a tight budget.. which is most of the time.

Most Ryanair journey's are nice and cheap anyway, but did you know they actually have a cheap fare finder option? I've used this tool a few times and even managed to get return flights to Brussels once for £9!! Yes you read that correctly, NINE!! POUNDS!! And I'm going to tell you just how I did it:

1) First of all, you can access the fare finder through the normal Ryanair website, by using the menu bar at the top of the screen and selecting Plan > Explore > Fare Finder, or you can just search 'Ryanair Cheap Fare Finder' in your usual internet browser and click the link that looks like this:

Or, for an even easier option, you can click the link directly to the fare finder here.

2) Once you're through to the website you'll be met with the search screen, where you can select your 'From' and 'To' destinations. Similarly to the Skyscanner Everywhere Function, you can just click 'Anywhere' if you're not sure where you want to go yet. Even better is that you can also just search for a country or region, and it will bring up all the cheapest airports that you can fly to- so if you know you want Italy but aren't sure exactly where, this would be perfect! Don't forget that being as flexible as you can is the best way to get the cheapest flights possible.

3) After this, it's time to pick your budget. You can select which ever option you like, or even type in your own maximum budget in the box available (highlighted below). In winter/ shoulder season months you can put in a budget as low as £5 and it will bring up a huge list of places you can go to for literally a fiver or less - This is how I got my £9 returns for Belgium!

Because the flights currently available are all for spring/ summer, they're slightly more expensive, so we're going to stick to a £20 budget for now.

4) After you've pressed 'Let's Go', you'll be given a huge list of all the flights available within your price range and the month of which those prices are for. It will look something like the below:

5) Once you've done your initial search you can go in and modify the dates that you want to look at, from specific dates to literally anytime. Another great tool though is the 'Date Range' or 'Next 3 Months' option. If you want to book a last minute getaway for within the next few months, or you know for a fact you want to go over a specific time period (like school holidays etc), but aren't necessarily in need of a really specific week/ weekend, then this function is ideal for you, and not something I've seen on many other flight websites!

6) Then you can just click the destination you fancy looking at, and you'll be met with the screens below. The fares for each day that month are laid out in a really easy to read bar chart, showing how the prices fluctuate per day. The yellow and blue dotted lines also show the cheapest and most expensive flights for that month, making it even easier to identify which days are a bargain.

7) You can then also select the 'Add Return Flight' option highlighted above, to see the same bar chat for the round trip. The returns are sometimes even cheaper, as you can see here!

And that's literally how easy it is! I've seen flights to destinations all over Europe (Including £9 Birmingham to Malta return, or £9 Edinburgh to Sweden return) that are just too good to miss. You still have to pay baggage fees etc like you would a normal Rynair flight, which I know is a bit of a nightmare, but when your flights are only a fiver to start with you can't really go wrong.

Well that's all for now folks, just had to let you know about this little gem. Let me know if you end up using it, I love hearing about a good bargain! Meg x

*cover photo not my own*