• Megan Kate

PSA: Skyscanner's Everywhere Function | Money Saving Hack

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Hey guys, today I'm just popping by for a quick PSA.

One of the best ways I find cheap flights is using Skyscanner which isn't much of a secret. However for all of the people that use the website, barely any know how to use it's "everywhere" function to find their next trip. It's really easy to use, too. Now this can work in 2 ways, and you have to be flexible with either date or location for it to bring out the results you want. If you're completely flexible with both and just looking to book something, ANYTHING, then even better!

Option 1) Flexible Location

So you're not sure where to go next, but you definitely want to go away that payday weekend after Christmas to cure your January blues (great idea) or any other date that suits you. Use these 5 quick steps to find your next holiday destination:

1. Type in your departure airport

2. Select your dates

3. Select number of passengers

4. Click on the 'to' box, but before typing everything, just click the 'Everywhere' option in the dropdown box.

5. Search Flights

You'll be met with all the cheapest destinations for your dates, as well as have the option to tick the 'Direct flights only' box at the top if needed. You can click on the arrow next to each location to see which cities you can visit for the least amount of money, and then once you've made up your mind you can just continue on like you would normally and get everything booked! Easy!

Also- If you know the country you'd like to visit but just not which city, you can also do a slightly different version of this option by typing in 'Italy' or 'UK' etc into the destination box when you first search. It will display all the best cities and towns for your dates and you can go from there. You can again also do this for your departure airports, either typing in the whole country name if you aren't fussed, or by clicking 'include nearby airports' if you don't mind travelling a little further out for a better deal.

Option 2) Flexible Date

You're heart's set on Rome? Budapest? Barcelona? Great, I wonder when's a good time to go without being made bankrupt by the flight companies! Again, a really simple 5 steps can help you out:

1. Type in your departure airport

2. Type in your destination airport

3. Select number of passengers

4. Rather than selecting a specific date, click the 'whole month' option and pick which month suits you

5. Search Flights

You should be met with a calendar of your selected Month that shows all of the available prices. Again, you can click a 'direct flights only' option at this stage if you prefer. This setting is fab because they even colour code it for you so you can spot the cheapest days even more easily. Just click the days you want and voila! Just carry on as normal and get that dream trip booked!

Also- Again you can use this in another way, if you're EVEN more flexible, and just hit 'cheapest month' when you search. This will literally just find you the cheapest flight(s)* to your destination that are currently on sale, how cool is that!

Anyway that's all for now, just had to pass the message on as I can't believe how many people don't know about this feature- it's saved me hundreds over the years. Hope you're week is going well so far, stay fab! Meg x

*99.9% of the time this should bring out the cheapest flight option available at that moment, but sometimes airline companies do keep their cheapest deals on their websites only, rude! Always check through the direct company as well just in case, they've been cheaper by a couple of £££ once out of hundreds of times I've checked this feature.